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With this results driven module, we intend to build upon the student’s foundation of English writing to fine tune their grammatical skills, boost their confidence, and improve their writing abilities. With this 16 week course we will deliver a writing curriculum specifically formatted for non-native English speaking students who wish to attend an English speaking foreign university where proficiency in writing is absolutely essential for their success.  

Course Duration (Course Code : FUEWP18-19)

This 30 hour course is spread in 4 months. There are 2 classes that occur every week for 60 minutes each.


Applying for and attending university in an English speaking country will undoubtedly find the student writing essay after essay in a multitude of subjects.  The vast majority of all university applications will include an essay component as part of the selection process, and every scholarship application is chosen based on the applicant’s ability to market themselves as the best candidate.  Once accepted into a university the student will be required to write numerous essays on a myriad of topics throughout their university career.  Having top-notch essay writing skills is not only beneficial to the university student, it is essential. 

A university essay writing preparation course will build up the non-native speaker’s writing skills and confidence.  This course will help to organize the writer’s thoughts, improve their vocabulary, and teach the students tips and tricks to engage the reader.


Year 12 and above students who is available to study and learn online from her/his location with a reliable internet connection.

Course Fee

This 16 week course costs $150 only i.e. costed as $37.5 per month.

Payment Methods

Online Transfer, Credit Card & Paypal


After attending this niche course, the following benefits are to be looked at, 

  • Enhancing the student’s vocabulary  and sentences by focusing on skill based writing
  • Increase the likelihood for acceptance at the student’s university of choice 
  • Increase the likelihood for getting scholarships 
  • Increase the student’s confidence with coursework 
  • Assist in achieving higher grades in current and future academics
  • Prepares the student to apply and study at a foreign university

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