Loquelam'5.0 (Online)

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This program is equipped with 1000+ activities and games to learn English vocabulary & speaking skills. It also promises a significant difference in the verbal and auditory processing proficiency of all the regular participants. This course has a lot of digital content for a student to self-assess and improvise from anywhere and anytime.

The faculty’s ongoing study on experiential learning techniques has taken this shape to develop the linguistic competence of the young learner in the English language holistically.

Course Duration (Course Code : Loquelam'5.0)

16 weeks of online training with each class lasting 60 minutes in length.


Year 10 and above students who are available to study and learn online from her/his location with a stable high speed internet connection.

Course Fee

This 16 week course costs $150 only i.e. costed as $37.5 per month.

Payment Methods

Online Transfer, Credit Card & Paypal

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Course Benefits

The core objectives of developing and effectively executing this module are as follows,

  • Identify and neutralize the spoken English sounds, tone and accent
  • Develop strategies and approaches towards key language learning
  • Identify and neutralize barriers to communicating in English
  • Enhance online content searching abilities
  • Develop the Linguistic Competence
  • Aligning learning strategies towards succeeding in IELTS & TOEFL exams
  • Counseling and support on paid basis

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Results on tribal kids

Sukhmati from Bastar (India) was in 8th grade when this video was shot.

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